Digital Signage Decisions

Digital Signage - Simple or Fancy? Digital signage is becoming more and more prevalent these days, with video monitors popping up everywhere. Screens displaying basic information, like restaurant menus and conference center directional signs, have become the norm. You can kick it up a notch, though, and truly speak to your audience using dynamic digital signage solutions. What do we mean by, “Dynamic digital signage?” Another way to think of it is as your on-site, personalized company channel. Whether in your health club or community center lobby, your employee break room, your medical practice waiting area, or your school’s MP room, a monitor with well-managed digital content, displayed and updated in a thoughtful way, keeps your audience informed, inspired and engaged. And with screen divisions, animations and video included, it can be truly eye-catching.

Can I do it myself? Getting started isn’t difficult or expensive, and both the financial and intangible returns can be immediate. With a bit of graphic design experience and the ability to hook up a TV, you can set up a simple digital display to share basic information. To make things a bit more eye-catching, incorporate existing video; your corporate partners or product manufacturers will often supply these files free of charge. In this case, the equipment setup is a bit more complex, but still fairly inexpensive. If the same visitors come in quite regularly and you have a busy event schedule (like at a health club, community clubhouse or sports venue), you’ll need to swap out information more often to prevent things from getting stale. You’ll also want to incorporate audio and a (rights-free!) music track to keep it interesting. Consider out-sourcing at this point, for professional setup and remote management of content that truly informs, inspires and engages your employees, members and clients.