Your big event – how to make it truly memorable.

Events can be a fabulous way to get in front of prospects, customers and business partners.  Linking to a video wrap-up is a great way to maximize the return on your expense and effort, remind attendees of what they experienced and encourage follow up.

Do you utilize MDF from partners to fund your events?  If so, they'll expect documented proof of performance.  Beyond the typical snapshots  and attendance report, a well edited video is proof that your day was a success!

If you've organized an event, you know it can be labor-intensive and expensive.  Driving attendance is the trickiest part, and then there's always that percentage of registrants who don't make it.  Of course, you'll send a follow up email to thank attendees for coming, or expressing regret to those who couldn't attend.  But, by sending a video to all registrants, including those who missed out, you can pique interest and grow attendance year over year.

Unique Proof of Performance, engaging with no-shows, and maximizing investment are simple things to accomplish.  Use a video!