Digital Signage

Video monitors aren't just for the airport anymore! The new generation of thin, light, affordable LEDs are popping up everywhere these days. In many cases, they display fairly static information, such as a menu at a restaurant. But they can be much more dynamic, allowing you to convey important information and even extend the reach of your company's culture or "Vibe." I remember several years ago, working with a company that held hundreds of patents for construction industry equipment. They broke new ground (pun intended) when they put monitors in their lobby, showing short films of their products in action out on job sites. One showed a ruggedized, hand-held diagnostic tool being dropped into the mud and then run over by an earth mover. No harm done! Customers, potential employees and vendors were able to clearly see exactly what the company did and how durable their products were.

At Jump Media Services, we've found that almost any business can benefit from digital displays, from restaurants, to dentists and other medical professionals, to health clubs. When you have a captive audience "In the chair" or in your lobby or waiting room, why not communicate your latest news and information? Video monitors are a great way to inform your clients and prospects about everything you do, show add-on products and services, and illustrate your expertise.

In addition to content creation and editing, Jump offers equipment leasing and content management services. No need to worry about buying, maintaining or upgrading monitors and other hardware, and we can manage your displayed content for you remotely. Monthly or quarterly on-site visits mean we're always in tune to your needs.

Digital signage is effective, affordable marketing, and Jump Media makes it easy to get started.